Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

The Penguins lost. Ray Shero got fired. Bylsma is expected to follow.

Would it be wrong to say I expected them to lose?

Every year, there are teams that seem unbeatable. Their intensity is unbreakable. And this year that team was not the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Why you ask? Inconsistency. A lack of effort on some days and too much on others. Overconfidence. And most importantly, a lack of love.

The New York Rangers had Martin St. Louis's grief to rally around. The LA Kings had their pride. The Chicago Blackhawks had their cup. The Habs had Canada.

The Penguins were supposed to fight for Marc-André Fleury. It was supposed to be their season of redemption. Their season to show how much they would do for each other. How much they loved each other.

We watch our sports because of the brotherhood it shows. For me, in a way, it is a consistent show of how much humans can still love each other.

In a world with so much darkness and negativity, it gives us something to cheer for. People to share joy with. Because when they win, we win too. That is OUR team. They are "us". You are a part of that team.

Penguins Shirt Day...I need a Fleury one.
Let me make one thing clear, the Pittsburgh Penguins are still MY team. James Neal and all. But, if the get rid of Flower, I will cry and disown until the season starts next year.

When I'm filled with hope and happiness once again.

For now, Go Habs! (Because I might be able to get to Montréal for a Stanley Cup Parade)

Canada deserves a cup!

And Go James Reimer and the rest of Team Canada at Worlds!

Because it's Hamna in a flower crown and a Malkin shirt...

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