Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kindred Spirits

Welcome to Dum Vivimus, Vivamus!

It means "While we live, let us live…"

WHO WE ARE: Isra and Hamna: Canadian expats, sisters with different last names that are fully related by blood, and kindred spirits that go to high school in the armpit of America.

WHERE WE COME FROM: Born in Pakistan. Home is a little island cradled by the waves on the east coast of Canada. Now we live in a small town in New Jersey, of all places.

OCCUPATION: Almost college student and whiny high school freshman. Daughters and sisters. Canadians. Full-time hockey fans with a soft spot for goalies. Professional "I-will-do-it-laterers". Coldplay listeners. Emotional criers. Hipsters and Prepsters. Honorary Scandinavians (in our hearts).

WHAT WE DREAM ABOUT: Success. Happiness. Peace. Compassion. Fulfillment. Knowledge. Prestige. Magic. Miracles. Imperfect Perfection. And dreams, of course.

WHY WE STARTED THIS BLOG: One night, at one o'clock at night, we were just like, "Hey, let's start a blog".  We wanted to write about the most random things that make our lives what they are. And so we did.

Isra (the almost College student)

Nickname: "Schrabsy"
Often Seen: Sleeping, Procrastinating, Watching T.V, Computer, Reading, Eating, Learning, Squinting
Favourites: Bed, The Word "NO", Coldplay, Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, Crosby of the Penguins, Instrumental Music, War Horse, Food, Sugar and CHOCOLATE (deserves its own category), Science, Geek culture, Watches, Model UN, Trivia, Family
Ambitions: To become someone who does something worthwhile (hopefully in the health field)
Fun Fact: I can speak three languages (Middle school, the most traumatic time of everyone's life, was something I had to do entirely in French)

Hamna (the whiny Freshman)

Nickname: Hamna (I give everyone else nicknames)
Often Seen: Pretending to be a "runner" and a "yogi", Playing Candy Crush (Level 209 and counting), Touching my hair, Doing laundry, Watching T.V, Pretending to be a decent tennis player, Organizing, Showering
The soundtrack to my life would be "Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions In the Sky
Favourites: Baking, Molten Lava Cakes, Team Canada, Pittsburgh Penguins, Eugenie Bouchard, Roger Federer, Coldplay, Fashion (Prepster all the way), Hipster Glasses, Pride & Prejudice, Period Dramas, Pearl Earring, FRUIT, my one dimple, Family
Ambitions: Conflicting ones (Being a good person, though)
Fun Fact: I have a Canadian accent, eh?

If we've managed to intrigue you about our boring selves at all, keep reading...

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